I'm an architect who likes to think, learn, share, design and create across disciplines.

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I'm an architect. I've graduated in architecture in 2007. I've completed a Masters in 2010 with a dissertation on architectural platforms on the WWW. I've completed a Post-graduation in Urban Forms and Dynamics in 2012 and then started a PhD on Urbanism, which I'm desperately currently finishing (ETA: March 2021).

I have multidisciplinary knowledge across several fields – architecture, urban design, photography, illustration, architectural visualization and webdevelopment – and experience on research, teaching and practice – in teams or as a freelancer.

I believe that working across disciplines with creativity and method is the best way to solve our increasingly complex contemporary challenges.

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Two things may explain everything: when I was a kid I liked to draw a lot (architect cliché I know...) and an uncle gave me his ZX Spectrum 128K +2 (which came with a BASIC programming language manual) after buying an IBM x86. So I spend my middle-school times drawing, playing and programming on my Speccy (i.e. messing with the BASIC manual examples).

In high-school I had to make a decision and went to an Arts-orientated school. I wanted to draw and design things, and I knew FAUP was known for its drawing classes. To draw is to imagine, to imagine is to design.

Attended FAUP between 2000-2007 and graduated in Architecture. During that time I rediscovered my passion for computers when I had to use CAD, 3D modelling and rendering and other software to create and communicate my designs. Then I left the academia and collaborated as an architect in an architectural practice.

In 2010 I applied to a grant on a EU-funded R&D Project that aimed to create a digital platform on the WWW as a communications hub for architects, engineeers and builders. I got selected and during almost 3 years I interacted with web engineers during the development of the plaform. I seriously began learning frontend languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and, later, backend languages like PHP and mySQL and doing my own developments.

I was also assisting CAD and Photography classes in FAUP, interacting with students, teaching some things and learing a lot others. This began my interest in photography as a tool to represent architecture and territory, which I started doing with my DSLR. I currenly own around 8-10 different lenses and each one has its own personality. It's a very interesting field.

In 2010 I also completed my Master's with a dissertation on architectural platforms on the WWW, combining architecture and technology: it was the perfect storm.

In 2012 I started a PhD on urbanism and, one year later, I was lucky enough to get a national grant to fund my research. I was integrated as a researcher into FAUP's research center (CEAU) in two groups: Center for Communication and Representation of Architeture and Urban Morphologies and Dynamics. Learned GIS and, with my background in programming, webGIS as well.

From 2013 onwards I learned that teaching was a great way to learn. I was invited as assistant teacher in FAUP and lectured CAAD-related disciplines to 3rd year students until 2016. In 2017 I started lecturing a REVIT introductory course in FAUP which takes place 2x a year. I often write scientific articles or participate in scientific events.

Around 2015 I started, together with some good friend, the City.making project, which was funded through EU under the SOUL-FI program and was a test case for an emerging smart-cities technology (FiWare). We've developed a working prototype of a web platform aiming to put in close relation all urban actors from a city with the intent to promote temporary uses from left-over or vacant spaces.

Outside academia I also began teaching practical courses on CAD and 3D modeling on an accredited training center focused on computer-driven digital design tools - FLAG; began my freelance activity as webdeveloper, having developed several websites with a particular interest on those related to art and creativity (artists portfolios, cultural events, congresses and seminars, etc.); began my freelance activity as architectural visualizer using "traditional" methods but looking forward, as we speak, to the future – realtime realtracing engines (I've started playing with Unreal Engine but my PhD doesn't allow me yet to dedicate myself fully). This reminds me I still have to get into generative and parametric 3D modelling (I'm a Rhino guy, and Grasshopper is just around the corner...).

Between 2017 and 2019 I've collaborated with an architectural practice and helped implement a BIM methodology by using REVIT. BIM is still slowing being implemented in my country, overall.

2019 and beyond I am fully comitted to finishing my PhD, which is expected to happen by March 2021. It will include, besided the thesis, a webGIS platform with my research and a photographic project.

And this is pretty much the whole story. What the future will reserve is still a mistery, but one thing is for sure: I would like to keep using all these different sets of skill learned thorought the time. There is so much more yet to be learned.

I TRULLY believe that working across disciplines with creativity and method is the best way to solve our increasingly complex contemporary challenges.

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